Personal Flyover

So, I took my advice from the other day and wrote down a story one of my friends once told me. It’s been a while since she told it and she wasn’t on hand to ask when I wrote it down so I may have mixed it and another story. But here’s the story about the time Lauren got her own personal flyover…


Lauren halted her horse and felt the slight shift of her hips as their motion stopped. She could feel Abby’s sweaty heat through her jeans, especially where they had become damp from rubbing against the horse. Lauren patted Abby’s shoulder a few times before straightening up and brushing the bangs out of her eyes. A low rumble began to throb through the air and Lauren’s eyes flashed up; searching for the sound.

Almost overhead she caught sight of five fighter jets in formation. Lauren went spastic. She bounced on Abby’s back, which the horse didn’t really care for, and waved her arms wildly, all the time making the most girly scream in the world. Lauren would be embarrassed to admit the screaming part later but couldn’t care less right now. The jets screamed past overhead, their black forms quickly fading into the horizon.

Lauren halted her fangirl spazzing and once again brushed the bangs out of her eyes. They were getting to be a bit bothersome. With a contented sigh, Lauren nudged Abby forward into a trot. Their break over, she resumed working on Abby’s form while attempting to keep a relaxed attitude about the ride. About fifteen minutes later, Lauren heard the same rumble from before.

A quick glance at the sky confirmed that it was the same sound. She halted Abby yet again and this time prepared to race the jets across the field. It was perfect. She was at the far end and the planes were flying in the right direction. They closed in quickly and Lauren had only seconds to kick Abby forward. They flew off, Abby’s old gamer instincts kicking in, and ran neck and neck with the jets for a feet few before the formation overshot them and Lauren came to the other end of the pasture.

She leaned back quickly and pulled Abby to one side as they skidded to a halt. The jets once again faded into the distance. Lauren smiled like she was on drugs and let Abby walk out to cool off. She had just dismounted when the rumble came yet again. Curious, Lauren paused and looked to the sky again. Abby fidgeted beside her as the sound grew louder.

Suddenly, the jet appeared, flying low over the pastures. It zoomed over Lauren’s head and at the last second tipped it’s wing to her. That was all Lauren needed to send her back into her spazzing as she jumped up and down and practically danced back to the barn. Best. Day. Ever.

~ by R.S.Sharkey on December 2, 2011.

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