Hallway Presentations

Today in class we had to explain interruption projects, but they weren’t our own. Based only on what we had put together in the form of a poster and/or location mock-up, someone else did their best to explain what we planned to do.

Some projects had good documentation with explanations alongside, while others had next to nothing posted. Those who were well prepared had project themes, clear locations, and understandable process (how people would interact with the project). Those who had very little with them were unclear in goal, location, and/or had little explanation of the project.

I actually ended up explaining the project I’m going to be helping with. Anne has allowed my to join in on her plane project. Thus far, I have not contributed and so my explanation was based on what I saw and what Anne has told me. She could have been clearer with how the laptop on the table was a part of the project and also why people would need to know about the specific kinds of airplanes. I also could have read the poster below the project, but it seemed to be a bit outdated.

~ by R.S.Sharkey on April 30, 2013.

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