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Google Apps has been around for a while already, but who uses it? Is it as amazing and useful as other programs such as Microsoft Office, Apple iWork, or OpenOffice? Is it worth the technological learning curve to have all your documents online?

For a school project I will be researching this. So far my digging has unearthed these sites:

Google Apps for Education

Google Apps for Business

Buckupify – Who uses Google Apps?

Backupify – Google Apps Demographics

CNN – The Hidden Cost of Google Apps

GOS – [posts tagged with “Google Docs”]

GOS – [posts tagged with “Google Apps”]

Forbes – Google Apps by the Numbers

Office – Microsoft Office on your Phone

Office – How Bill Gates uses Microsoft Office

eHow Tech – The Advantages of Microsoft Office

eHow Tech – The Disadvantages or OpenOffice

eHow Tech – What IS Microsoft Office used for?

eHow Tech – Microsoft Office Vs. OpenOffice

GOS – Most Frequently Used Features of Microsoft Office

idealware – Microsoft Office Vs. OpenOffice

Apple – iWork

MacWorld – Using iCloud with iWork

ZDnet – Is iWork for Mac on Life Support?

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