Carlisle Ladye

(part seven of eight – lyrics (c) Loreena McKinnett)

And then he took the cross divine,
Where the sun shines fair on Carlisle wall,
And died for her sake in Palestine;
So Love was still the lord of all.


When lord Mithon had finally torn himself away from Sara’s body, Sir Arren explained what he had done. The lord stared blankly. His family had been diminished to none in the course of a few minutes. When Sir Arren finished he offered his sword to the lord.

“I’ve kill’d yer family and left ye heirless. End my life if ya see fit, I’ll not fight ye fer it.”

Lord Mithon looked at the offered hilt, but pushed it away and grasped Sir Arren’s arm.

“Ye’ve killed a murderer and avenged Sara’s death. How could ai be angr’y wit ye? Recall that ye were bound before the Lord before she passed. Ye’r my son, by Lord and land. I’ve a son and heir aga’n in ye.”

Sir Arren sheathed his sword but looked at the ground.

“I’m sore ta disappoint ya, lord an’ fath’r. But I’ve made a choice an’ an oath. When she died… when she died I keen I could ne’r come here aga’n. Tis too much to miss ‘er face.” Sir Arren looked up again. “I’ve promis’d da Lord ah’ll join His war, till the death o’ me.”

Lord Mithon’s face grew sad and his hand fell from Sir Arren’s arm.

“Ye’r sure o’ ye’r choice?”

“Aye.” Sir Arren murmured.

The lord’s shoulders sagged, but he looked Sir Arren in the face. “Then take my blessing, Sir Arren Irrgan, son of Richard Mithon.”

Sir Arren bowed his head and left while lord Mithon stared after him.

It was many months before word reached Carlisle, the home of lord Mithon, of Sir Arren Irrgan. The stained and tattered paper fell from his hands while the messenger waited. Lord Richard Mithon slipped back into his chair, wrinkled hands covered his face and his body shook once again. The scrawling letters glared out in black against the paper and burned into his mind.

Sir Arren was dead.

Killed in battle while yelling his battle cry; “Sarabrandae!”


~ by R.S.Sharkey on May 13, 2011.

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