Carlisle Ladye

(part six of eight – lyrics (c) Loreena McKinnett)

He pierced her brother to the heart,
Where the sun shines fair on Carlisle wall –
So perish all would true love part
That Love may still be lord of all!


Lord Mithon was too captivated with his daughter’s death to notice the two men who stood stiffly facing each other. Sir Arren raised his arm towards Justin and boomed his assumption.

“Ye’ve donat! Ye’ve poisoned da lady Sarabrandae!”

Justin narrowed his eyes, but did not refute the statement.

“How could ye?!” Sir Arren roared, “She twas yer onl’y sister!”

The priest looked from one man to the other, his mind turning at the knight’s words.

“Yer mind be hidin’ a d’rrk, black spot, Mas’rr Justin. Onl’y the work o’ the d’rrk one could birth such a plan!”

His hand having been ready for a while drew forth Sir Arren’s sword. The metal gleamed and glinted like a rainbow in the colored light; looking beautiful in its finest hour. Justin stood firm, his face paler but hard. “Ye would strike daawn a lord’s son in hae’s own house?” he challenged. The priest’s eyes still darted, but he edged away from the duo and reached for the Bible, preparing for another death.

Sir Arren paused, his sword pointed at Justin in a threatening manner. He looked down at lord Mithon who still wept over his child’s death. “Aye,” he said, looking back up, “No man should ‘ere get away wit murder.”

Before Justin had a chance to move, Sir Arren’s sword found its target. Slicing into his chest, Sir Arren pierced the poisoner’s heart. Justin’s face did not change as he accepted his fate. His lips moved slightly in a final breath.

Justin fell to the floor, his lifeless body left uncaught in its dishonorable death. Sir Arren stood over him, wanting to destroy his wife’s killer, but held back by the thought of lord Mithon. A soft footstep sounded as the priest approached him. Sir Arren turned and was confronted with a pure white cloth.

“Remove the stain of evil from thine blade.” The priest commanded.

~ by R.S.Sharkey on May 10, 2011.

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