Carlisle Ladye

(part four of eight – lyrics (c) Loreena McKinnett)

For she had lands both meadow and lea,
Where the sun shines fair on Carlisle wall,
For he swore her death, ere he would see
A Scottish knight the lord of all.


Their meal finished, lord Mithon rose and with him Sir Arren. The knight came and took Sarabrandae’s hand, their first touch sending bumps up her arm and through her body. She gave him a gentle smile and let him lead her after her father. Justin followed the three, his green cloak swinging behind his feet.

The chapel was filled with colors from the stained windows. Lord Mithon stood at the end of the aisle with an aged priest who was trying his best to stand upright. A large Bible was grasped in his hands along with a cross of gold embedded with rubies. Sara looked from her father to Sir Arren. The knight’s strong face was already looking at her.

As their eyes met, their feet stepped forward. Down the wooden aisle they trod, about to give the world’s greatest and strongest promise. Justin appeared at the priest’s other side, having slipped around the room’s edge. Sara smiled at him; the emeralds at her neck reminding him and her father of their mother, the lady Mithon.

They reached the end of the aisle and turned their faces to the priest’s, waiting for his binding words. Those words of ancient birth crept out and danced around the lover’s ears. Taunting them to say no and stay free. But both hearts were bound in tune and responded strong. The priest took their hands and bound them red, tying the ribbon and their love.

“Ye be now man and wife in thee eyes of God.” His voice trembled deeply. Sara now saw the tears flow from her father’s eyes, but didn’t need to ask their meaning this time. She knew they were for her joy and so joined him. A hand touched her face and she faced her knight again.

He kissed her lightly on the lips before they turned back to the priest. Lord Mithon had taken the Bible and the cross and now the priest held bread and wine; given to him by Justin. With shaking hands, he held them up and blessed them in the sight of God. Her heart beating miles fast, Sara waited as Sir Arren drank from the offered cup. She then took and drank from the other side, sharing the wine as they would share their future and binding them in their Lord’s hands.

Then bread was given next. They chewed in happy silence, remembering their Lord’s deep love and promising to share it with each other.


~ by R.S.Sharkey on May 6, 2011.

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