Surprise Midnight Post!

Are you surprised? I hope you’re surprised. I’m thankfully not surprised, I had this all planned. And as with most plans, this plan has a purpose.

A friend of mine, an author to be precise, is nearing the launch of her next book and she had come up with a brilliant plan. Which I guess mean I didn’t plan all this… she did.

Let me lay it out on the table for you. My friend, J. Grace Pennington, is soon going to be releasing her second novel, a mystery set in the old west; Never (you may recall that I reviewed Grace’s first novel, Firmament: Radialloy, a few months ago). In preparation for Never, Grace is holding a blog scavenger hunt!

What’s a blog scavenger hunt? Well, good thing you asked. Grace has gathered a few blogs who are all posting at midnight (same time this post went live). Each of these blogs has a code and a link to another blog on the list. For this scavenger hunt, you’ve got visit every blog and get their codeword (the codeword will be in the scavenger hunt post to make things a bit easier). All the blogs are looped together, so there’s no official start or finish. You can begin anywhere!

Once you’ve collected all the codes, send an email to:

theauthor [at] jgracepennington [dot] com

Okay, okay. I should probably stop for a moment and explain why you should actually participate in this scavenger hunt. Here’s the deal, by emailing Grace you’ll automatically be entered in a drawing to receive a signed copy of Never! Also, when you email her, you’ll get two free, Never themed, desktop backgrounds. Just for entering!

So what are you waiting for? My code and the link to the next blog are just below, you have until midnight (CST) on the 22nd of November (the day before Never is released).


My code is:


Here’s some Never trivia!

Grace first became interested in Westerns and the Western style when she became a fan of Roy Rogers at age thirteen.  Her fandom included watching his movies and his show, singing and listening to his songs, and a visit to the Roy Rogers Museum, previously located in Branson, MO.

The next blog is: lifewriter4

Have fun and be sure to visit Grace’s blog!

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