NaNoWriMo: Tsuiminti Guardian Animals

The Tsuminti are my Asian-mix people. They live in the west beyond the great crevasse (which has yet to have a name) and in the Tsumi mountains. The Tsuminti are divided up into a multitude of tribes. I’ve been developing for some of the major tribes.

See, each tribe has a guardian or protecting animal that is featured in their architectural and armor designs. Most commonly, the guardian animal is seen in the gates to a tribe’s town or someone’s house. Below are the major tribes I’ve been working on and have figured out the guardian animal for.

Some animal names are still a bit up for debate (I only just finished working over this part last night), but this is in progress and I wanted to share some of what I’ve developed so far this month. Tomorrow I’m forcing myself to move on to the next people group, that means I’ve got to finish up what I can for the Tsuminti (seeing as they’re one of my favourite races so far!).

Without rambling on much more, here’s my list of tribe names and guardian animals with brief descriptions of the animals.

Tsuminti Tribes

Aduk – Luka Deer: the most common deer type in the Tsumi mountains. Large, and normally living in huge herds.

Aikunim – Xuta Boar: the fearsome boar that lives throughout the Tsumi mountains. If a man manages to kill one his is instantly honored among his people.

Charavi – Yeora Fox: the twin fox is actually just two foxes seen at once. The Charavi honor most twins, but foxes are special to the Charavi.

Gashikhan – Lakatu Eagle: an eagle that lives in the upper regions of the Tsumi mountains and is used for hunting by the Gashikhan.

Haduwang – Heiha Tiger: a wild tiger that lives hidden in the Tsumi mountains. The black tiger is known for defending its own. Haduwang at times steal away cubs of the black tiger.

Idagudhan – Orya Bird: a fast bird that dwells all over the Tsumi mountains. The Orya are known to have healing properties in their wings if used properly.

Lotachi – Oknu Dog: the tamed and domesticated Okodae Wolves are the Oko Dogs. The Lotachi tame Oko Wolves to become Oko Dogs.

Maechubin – Maelao Falcon: the strangely-colored blue falcon from the upper regions of the Tsumi mountains.

Makasin – Kahora: the antlered horse creature that migrated to the Tsumi mountains.

Miseibi – Chita Lizard: a mining animal, the blood lizard dwells underground and melts its home with an extremely hot breath.

Okorak – Okodae Wolf: the most common type of wolf in the Tsumi mountains, the okodae is smaller like a coyote, but normally red or black.

Okozana – Ochi Wolf: a less common wolf, more known to inhabit the upper regions of the Tsumi mountains and larger in size, normally white.

Okurisut – Ragisha Dragon: a lizard that looks like stone and many believe can turn itself into stone. Komodo dragon-like.

Shivasu – Phamaebu Bird: the phamaebu is a pheasant that lives in the far upper reaches of the Tsumi mountains.

Stakoh – Ragara Snake: a warm blooded snake that dwells mainly around the crevasse, but can comfortably survive the Tsumi winters.

Tarachu – Teiha Tiger: the golden tiger of the Tsumi forests, the teiha is known to live and move in smaller groups.

Tasoun – Kizue Leopards: known for their swiftness, the snow leopards live in natural caves during the winter in the upper middle region of the Tsumi mountains.

TsuvaliSerki Lion: the snow lion is an animal that dwells in prides in the upper regions of the Tsumi mountains.

VanuhSahuda Bear: a more docile creature, the honey bear is shy and is almost never seen in the Tsumi mountains. The Vanuh consider it an honor if one sees a honey bear.

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