NaNoWriMo: Getting Focused

How’s this all going to go down? Well… I’m going to write a bunch this month and post some of it here for you to read. I’ll be making Wednesdays into my excerpt days whereas Fridays will now become my mini-rant days. So, ready for my rant?

Sorry, I can’t really call it a rant. It’s more of an explanation. You see, I already mentioned on Wednesday how I’m rebelling, but there’s some stuff you should know. I wasn’t planning on joining NaNo. Not even in the least. It wasn’t until Wednesday when I hit the ‘sign-up’ button that I really made any sort of decision. Because I waited so long, I’ve got nothing planned out, no time set aside and surly no clear and focused mindset!

I’m currently attempting to focus myself by listening to the right kind of music and looking up the right kind of pictures to get my imagination working in the direction I need it to be going. That means flute and drum music accompanied by Asian, viking and middle-eastern images. want to see some of my inspiring pictures? Head on over to my Pinterest account and there you’ll find loads of images that are inspiring my world (note: look at the fantasy boards).


Next week’s Wednesday post: World Development – Tsuminti Guardian Animals

~ by R.S.Sharkey on November 2, 2012.

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