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I’ve got an interesting fact about Mars and some blogging tips today. The blogging articles are on increasing readership and promotion.

Mars Snow Falls Like Dry Ice Fog

A snazzy, interesting article on how snow falls on Mars!

But when temperatures drop in winter to -193 degrees Fahrenheit (-125 degrees Celsius), it gets cold enough for carbon dioxide in the Martian atmosphere to freeze, creating clouds of dry ice that can reach from the poles to halfway to the equator.

How to Build a Readership for Your Blog and Books

The steps to growing your readership.

Even though we’d like an escalator to whisk us to the top, the truth is that we have to take the stairs, one step at a time.

How to use Tumblr to Grow an Author Platform

Reasons to add micro-blogging to your regime.

Microblogging is exactly what it sounds like…it’s a smaller, more condensed form of blogging. Images are usually the focus of such microblogs, but they can also be text-based.

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