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Today I bring you tips on dealing with rejection! Among other things included in an interview with Jane Friedman. Also, why you should keep your day job as a writer. It might be more helpful than you think…

Authornomics Interview with Jane Friedman

Jane Friedman is web editor of the Virginia Quarterly Review, and the former publisher of Writer’s Digest. In this short interview she shares some tips on rejection, how to have a successful writing career,

For improving your chances: Don’t submit your work until it’s ready. Hopefully you know yourself and your work well enough that you can honestly know when it’s time. If you really don’t know, you have nothing to lose by waiting. I really mean that, so I’ll repeat it again: You have nothing to lose by waiting.

How Your Day Job Can Help Your Writing

How you ever thought about how much your day job can affect your writing? It could be more helpful than you think!

Writing can be isolating. Even if you write in a coffee shop, there’s not a lot of personal interaction going on. Yet, what makes a compelling character? Connection. We all want to write characters so compelling, so real our readers are captivated.

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