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Two articles again! (yes, at some point they will be only one, I’m sure of it…) First one contains some tips on writing more visually (quite useful in the editing stage). The second discusses what to do when you’re faced with, well, the title says it all…

Writing Emotions VISUALLY

First drafts can be a bit rough on the edges, maybe you write visually right off the bat (awesome!) or maybe you need some tips on how to edit your words into something much more alive.

Emotions appear as Body Language. It’s as simple as describing the character’s body language in addition to describing what they feel physically. Don’t say: “she was sad,” describe the way her tears feel as they run down her cheeks, and the way her heart feels in her chest.

What if I’m asked to endorse a book I don’t like?

Ever faced this kind of situation? Maybe not yet, but sometime in the future you might. A short article with some good, simple advice. Don’t forget to read the comments! There are some helpful suggestions there too.

None of us like reading a glowing endorsement of a book, only to buy the book and feel ripped off by a reviewer who clearly either (a) lied, or (b) didn’t read the book, or (c) can’t read. It’s frustrating.

~ by R.S.Sharkey on August 6, 2012.

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