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The future belongs to the United, a worldwide movement to live in peace and community. But some refuse to join: uncompromising, religious fanatics who cling to the beliefs that would keep the world at war. Assimilated or removed, these Unaccepted cannot be allowed to contaminate the peace the United promises and are thus contained.

This future is where Philadelphia must choose to remain uncompromising or give in to what the world is saying. “Take their offer while you still can. Take it and run!” Sent to Mars with her father, Dr. Smyrna, Phili is given another, dangerous, option: destroy the earth and all of the United with it.

It begins with such a simple desire. “I just wanted to find my brother’s Bible…” in a world where the Bible is rejected literature and now no longer in existence. Philadelphia’s brother, Ephesus, may have saved a copy, but he died in a spaceship explosion and Phili can’t find the belongings she knows he left behind.

In Red Rain, we are given a front seat in Philadelphia’s adventure to find answers. But with so many questions, it is amazing that this novella, only about 30,000 words in length, is capable of giving all the answers Phili seeks. Aubrey Hansen, the author of this SciFi tale, packs her book with suspense as we wander the winding halls of base 9.6.11 on the heels of Philadelphia.

Red Rain isn’t one of those SciFi stories that’s over the top fantastical, like StarWars, but is so normal it feels like it could come true. I found Hansen’s writing to be crisp and it quickly moved me through the story, offering just enough detail for me to step into Philadelphia’s world. Everything was well contained within the story; an organized start for a newly published author.

Along with other fans, I would gladly enjoy a sequel to discover what happens to Philadelphia next. I’m also willing to be content that this is all of Phili’s story. If you’ve already read Red Rain, you may be interested to know there is a well written fan-fiction-in-progress that starts right where the book left off. I’m sure fans will enjoy the return of Phili and company through the words of David J. Hartung (look for his shorts: Crook Q and Philli).

~ by R.S.Sharkey on August 8, 2012.

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  1. Hey, can you write my back cover copy next time? That was way better than any summary I’ve ever written… :D

    Thank you so much for reviewing my book! *hugs and cupcakes*

  2. I check my blog this morning to see 57 page views today even though I haven’t posted in days. I check my sources. I officially think that R.S. Sharkey is more awesome than ever.

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