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This Monday, I’ve once again got two articles. The first is yet again related to writing and I know of many people who would really love to read it. The second is more directed to those who’ve already been published or who plan on interviewing someone who’s been published. Without further ago:

Are Your Male Characters Masculine?

Not just for writing male characters, this article also has tips on writing female characters as well!

When a female writer’s male characters think, act, and talk in a feminine way, her audience will get annoyed – even if they don’t understand why. The same is true if a male writer’s female characters don’t think or act or talk like real women.

How to Impress the People You Interview (and Be Professional)

Never been interviewed? New author? Perhaps you’re interviewing a new author… or an experianced author. This article can offer some tips on how to make sure you both get the most out of the interview:

We are living in the age of lazy journalism, where experts receive a steady barrage of requests, and are bound to become weary from time request overload.

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