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Browsing around, I’ve come across far too many awesome/interesting articles. Thus, I’ve decided to make Mondays into link sharing days! Every Monday I’m going to share one or two interesting articles/links/sources I’ve found in my blog browsing. To start things off, I’ve got two articles from DeviantArt to share with you:

The NonVerbal Thesaurus

A great list of ways you can add body language to your characters!

Dialogue is VISUAL — Not just a bunch of words. 
Watch the average conversation between two people. 90% of that conversation isn’t in what’s Spoken, it’s in what they are DOING while they are speaking. It’s in their Body Language. Body-language cues in your story alert the reader by SHOWING them what is going on in a character’s head without Telling them, and without resorting to using the most often repeated word in fiction: said.

Research is your Best Friend

Some advice/tips on doing research for your stories!

I detail everything. Seriously. I believe in a Total Immersion style of writing. In other words, I want to know the world so well, I can simply step into the mind and skin of my main character and LIVE the story.

Both of today’s articles were written by OokamiKasumi on DA. She’s got some other good articles I’ll be sharing in the future, FYI!


PS. If anyone has suggestions on what I can title these posts, let me know! Comment…

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2 Responses to “Bookmark Monday!”

  1. I like the title you have, actually!

    I’m going to check out this thesaurus for sure. :D Imma gonna hide from the research article, though… *doesn’t like research*

    • Aww! But the article gives some nice tips on researching ^_^

      The thesaurus is great though! =D

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