Bloopers Reel!

Well… kinda. I don’t know if anyone else out there has done this before, but the bloopers I’m talking about are ones I’ve actually written myself. But, they’re not “writer bloopers” like snort-up-milk-typos or fell-out-of-my-chair-slip-ups. The bloopers I wrote were actually me imagining with what kinds of things might happen with actors if my book ever got made into a film. Hehe, yeah, I know I’m a bit strange, but so many people say that these days I’m pretty sure we’re just the new normal.

Looking back at these few, short paragraphs I wrote, I can see how taking a break and having random fun with your characters can be quite entertaining. Letting them act “out of character” or even act like someone totally different can seem so funny (especially if the villain is “played” by a guy who loves to laugh!). A friend I showed this to commented how “…the characters aren’t really real. They’re just actors. They have ordinary happy lives that we have no control over, and just play the part in the books like they’re supposed to.” Which is quite an interesting way to view your characters, even just to look at them from a different perspective.

I think I may be rambling now. I’ll post my Fake Bloopers Reel in just a moment, but I’d like to mention, if you happen to have done this before, please: Let me know! Hehe, it’d be great to hear I’m not the only one (not to mention I’m sure whatever you’ve got will be pretty funny).


“You shall not…” Naeoar burst out laughing in the middle of his sentence, “Whoops, sorry, wrong story… Ah… where were we?” he said giving me a grin that said this was totally planned. Letting a smile slide I called out.

“Okay, let’s try that again, remember, it’s; ‘May I help you?’ and try to act like you could care less who these people are, Okay? Got it?” he nodded, “Good.” I finished, sitting back in my chair. “Action!” Naeoar opened the door and burst out laughing. Jendai gave a camera a silly look and I couldn’t help laughing as well.

“Cut! Cut, cut, cut, cut, cut!” I said smiling.


“That’s not much older than you!” Ravna said excitedly. There was a pause as we waited for Sanah to say her line, she fumbled and finally burst out, “Inconceivable!” before laughing.


“…there was another king known as…ah…Kell? Kell, Kell, Kell, Kellmutare? Ah…Kelltare? Killmentaur? Kill the mentor?” there was a pause, “Isn’t anybody going to stop me before I totally kill this line?”


“Now, I’ll try to tell you everything I remember…Ah…” Sanah paused.

“She can’t remember anything.” Ravna giggled.

“I don’t remember my line.”


“Who is it?” Sanah called towards the door. There was a pause.

“You’re worst nightmare!” Ravna said in a deep voice. There was another pause before Sanah let out a very girly – very fake – scream.

~ by R.S.Sharkey on August 1, 2012.

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  1. *grins* You know how much I love these! :D It brings such a reallness to your characters, makes me smile to read them. :D

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