A Day by the Shore, Looking through Amazing Grace

A few weeks ago I got to spend a lovely day down by the lake shore with a friend. We ended up stopping in a small coffee shop in the basement of an older building and, while my friend was enjoying the use of their wi-fi, I sipped on her chi-tea. I’d called dibs on the place we were sitting in as soon as we’d entered the shop (happily, the group that’d been sitting there was just leaving when we got there).

I stood guard over the pleasant little corner while she grabbed her drink and a brownie. I felt like we’d found a little piece of England. Down under the street edge, but with a small window in the corner letting light in, the arms of plants wound along the brick walls and over a little trellis archway adorning the corner. A nice little sign warned customers not to use the plant holders as trash bins and another one explained that there was a 2-hour time limit on the corner since it was so popular. This second sign dashed my hopes to claiming this spot to be a future I’m-a-writer-and-this-is-where-I-write spot…

It was on the wood bench rounding the back corner that I found the booklet. A little black thing, filled with pictures and notes and writings and doodles. Oh, the fun I had browsing that booklet! I decided to take some quick snapshots with my phone to share the pages I found most interesting…

~ by R.S.Sharkey on July 4, 2012.

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