Character in -50: Anika Dalmore

I used to be the perfect little girl; always listened, never talked, loved Mommy and Daddy with everything I had. But then, Mommy was taken and Daddy turned away. I was left alone and afraid and that’s when darkness won me over. Daddy will love me again, or else.

Here’s another -50 words introduction to an MC. This story’s been giving me it’s own issues. The main one being; what am I actually going to do with it?! I’ve never felt more lost, but still guided, in my writing. I know what’s supposed to happen and most of what happens in between, and yet I’m going nowhere. Last time I looked the MC was taking a joyride! Perhaps with this story, what I really need is a short-term focus. The MC needs to start listening to the plot and I need to finish figuring out the details of the plot.


Next week’s Wednesday post: On the First Bridge We Crossed…

~ by R.S.Sharkey on July 13, 2012.

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