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Good morning! I’ve three posts and a podcast for you today. The podcast offers some advice for beginning bloggers while the posts cover the topics of loglines, productivity and ISBNs.

My Advice to Beginning Bloggers

For most people wanting to build a platform, a blog will be their homebase. It is the foundation of everything else they do.

Writing a One-Sentence Summary

Let’s discuss the one-sentence summary, also known as a logline, a hook, or a one-sentence pitch. (It is not a tagline, however.)

The Savvy Indie Author’s Guide to ISBNs

If you plan to distribute your book to major booksellers or retailers, you’ll need an ISBN (International Standard Book Number). An ISBN is the thirteen-digit number that identifies each book uniquely and connects them to a publisher–it’s like your book’s social security number.

How Productive are You?

If you’re like most people, you don’t really know for sure — you’re guessing based on years of experience.

NaNoWriMo: Word Counts

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Yes, that shadow that chooses to loom over some of us and tailgate behind the rest. Sadly, just over a week into my writing, I’m very much under the shadow. I should be at around 12,000 words, but I have only got about half of that. Now, I suppose I could sit here and poke my word count in an attempt to make it more appealing or I could get discouraged and chuck the whole thing out the window.

Thing is, I told myself (late as it was) that I was going to do this. I was going to write this month, school or… school, and I am pretty well determined not to back out on myself.  I have done too many times in the past. There are files upon files of stories I have begun work on, but then discarded at some point or another and left to accumulate dust on my hard-drive.

This month, I am determined not to let more dust settle. I have pulled out the feather duster along with my pen, it is cleaning month!


Next week’s Wednesday post: Spacebattles

NaNoWriMo: Tsuiminti Guardian Animals

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The Tsuminti are my Asian-mix people. They live in the west beyond the great crevasse (which has yet to have a name) and in the Tsumi mountains. The Tsuminti are divided up into a multitude of tribes. I’ve been developing for some of the major tribes.

See, each tribe has a guardian or protecting animal that is featured in their architectural and armor designs. Most commonly, the guardian animal is seen in the gates to a tribe’s town or someone’s house. Below are the major tribes I’ve been working on and have figured out the guardian animal for.

Some animal names are still a bit up for debate (I only just finished working over this part last night), but this is in progress and I wanted to share some of what I’ve developed so far this month. Tomorrow I’m forcing myself to move on to the next people group, that means I’ve got to finish up what I can for the Tsuminti (seeing as they’re one of my favourite races so far!).

Without rambling on much more, here’s my list of tribe names and guardian animals with brief descriptions of the animals.

Tsuminti Tribes

Aduk – Luka Deer: the most common deer type in the Tsumi mountains. Large, and normally living in huge herds.

Aikunim – Xuta Boar: the fearsome boar that lives throughout the Tsumi mountains. If a man manages to kill one his is instantly honored among his people.

Charavi – Yeora Fox: the twin fox is actually just two foxes seen at once. The Charavi honor most twins, but foxes are special to the Charavi.

Gashikhan – Lakatu Eagle: an eagle that lives in the upper regions of the Tsumi mountains and is used for hunting by the Gashikhan.

Haduwang – Heiha Tiger: a wild tiger that lives hidden in the Tsumi mountains. The black tiger is known for defending its own. Haduwang at times steal away cubs of the black tiger.

Idagudhan – Orya Bird: a fast bird that dwells all over the Tsumi mountains. The Orya are known to have healing properties in their wings if used properly.

Lotachi – Oknu Dog: the tamed and domesticated Okodae Wolves are the Oko Dogs. The Lotachi tame Oko Wolves to become Oko Dogs.

Maechubin – Maelao Falcon: the strangely-colored blue falcon from the upper regions of the Tsumi mountains.

Makasin – Kahora: the antlered horse creature that migrated to the Tsumi mountains.

Miseibi – Chita Lizard: a mining animal, the blood lizard dwells underground and melts its home with an extremely hot breath.

Okorak – Okodae Wolf: the most common type of wolf in the Tsumi mountains, the okodae is smaller like a coyote, but normally red or black.

Okozana – Ochi Wolf: a less common wolf, more known to inhabit the upper regions of the Tsumi mountains and larger in size, normally white.

Okurisut – Ragisha Dragon: a lizard that looks like stone and many believe can turn itself into stone. Komodo dragon-like.

Shivasu – Phamaebu Bird: the phamaebu is a pheasant that lives in the far upper reaches of the Tsumi mountains.

Stakoh – Ragara Snake: a warm blooded snake that dwells mainly around the crevasse, but can comfortably survive the Tsumi winters.

Tarachu – Teiha Tiger: the golden tiger of the Tsumi forests, the teiha is known to live and move in smaller groups.

Tasoun – Kizue Leopards: known for their swiftness, the snow leopards live in natural caves during the winter in the upper middle region of the Tsumi mountains.

TsuvaliSerki Lion: the snow lion is an animal that dwells in prides in the upper regions of the Tsumi mountains.

VanuhSahuda Bear: a more docile creature, the honey bear is shy and is almost never seen in the Tsumi mountains. The Vanuh consider it an honor if one sees a honey bear.

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Three things today. Some notes on foreshadowing, a of book presentation ideas and a twin solar system.

Writing Craft: Foreshadowing

Foreshadowing is when you purposely drop tiny hints about what’s going to happen later in the novel, to heighten the effect or the suspense. It might not even be a hint, but an image or idea that thematically relates to whatever’s going to happen later. It’s like subtle shading to plant tiny, even imperceptible, seeds in your reader’s mind.

Got some good notes to keep in mind when considering foreshadowing. Might even make you want to go back and check your foreshadowing… actually it should.

4 Presentation Ideas for Indie Authors

As you know, we think speaking is a nifty way to get your book’s content to the masses. It’s awesome for expanding your reach, building your platform, and it offers a painless opportunity to shamelessly promote your book. You really shouldn’t ignore these opportunities. In fact, you should seek them.

Indie authors should try and do presentations. they really should. Great times and places to promote your book. Here are some tips from WiseInk.

Solar System’s “Grotesque” Twin Found

Astronomers have detected our “grotesque” twin: A planetary system arranged much like our own solar system, a new study says.

Some interesting stuff on planets. Yupyup. Take a quick peek.

NaNoWriMo: Getting Focused

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How’s this all going to go down? Well… I’m going to write a bunch this month and post some of it here for you to read. I’ll be making Wednesdays into my excerpt days whereas Fridays will now become my mini-rant days. So, ready for my rant?

Sorry, I can’t really call it a rant. It’s more of an explanation. You see, I already mentioned on Wednesday how I’m rebelling, but there’s some stuff you should know. I wasn’t planning on joining NaNo. Not even in the least. It wasn’t until Wednesday when I hit the ‘sign-up’ button that I really made any sort of decision. Because I waited so long, I’ve got nothing planned out, no time set aside and surly no clear and focused mindset!

I’m currently attempting to focus myself by listening to the right kind of music and looking up the right kind of pictures to get my imagination working in the direction I need it to be going. That means flute and drum music accompanied by Asian, viking and middle-eastern images. want to see some of my inspiring pictures? Head on over to my Pinterest account and there you’ll find loads of images that are inspiring my world (note: look at the fantasy boards).


Next week’s Wednesday post: World Development – Tsuminti Guardian Animals


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I’m going to assume that all of you here know that NaNoWriMo is (if not, please visit this site). A few of you, I know, are once again or for the first time participating in this event. Congrats and good luck to you all! I myself have only participated in the YWP (Young Writers’ Program) in the past. Two years in a row to be precise. I won one year with a goal of 25,000 (the nice part about the YWP being you can set any personal word count goal). Now, after a two year break, I’ve moved on to the official NaNoWriMo event. Wait what? Yes, you heard me. I’m participating in NaNoWriMo.

With NaNo right around the–TOMORROW! I figured today was a good day to tell all. While some might be leaping for joy at the thought of signing up this year and others might have been strongly nudged into it by their friends, I calmly walked into the site yesterday afternoon and scribbled down my name. But it didn’t begin with that! Nopenope.

Before signing up yesterday, I had originally trotted over to the NaNo site to see what Miss Aubrey Hansen was up to on there. I read her novel, author description and it gave me an idea. Aubrey is not going to write a novel this year, she’s going to write development for her novel. I can do that too! I don’t have a story ready to start tomorrow, but I’ve got a world to work on.

Thus, with no further pre-thought, I signed up for my account on the NaNo site.

I’m thinking that you may be thinking “What world is she talking about?” Well… Technically I’ve mentioned this world before. But lots of things have changed and are changing. Tomorrow to basically going to start in a world of changes. I’ll give you one hint (that is also on my NaNo page) as to which world this is. My book title is: The History of the Ariskór, Eskiród, Tsuminti, Daja, Kajuród, Silah, Kyldic, Gyrdic, and Edonitori Peoples. Really long, I know, but that’s your hint. Have fun!

I’ll probably be drafting some friends of mine to keep me focused. So beware (if you’re a friend of mine)! Let’s get this party started!

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Hello! I think I’m back now… I think. Perhaps if I act like everything is normal I’ll pick this up again without a problem. On that thought… Hey! Have some articles. I’ve found some interesting variety. From spaceships to sea-creatures to hero types, I hope you enjoy exploring.

Military Spaceship Classes

Here is a list of the major seaborne naval warship classes verse the spaceborne warships, comparing and contrasting the two. This is not meant to be entirely hard science discuss … nor is it completely soft on science, more in between the two.

For a SciFi book idea I’m working on I’ve recently been really digging into figuring out the military. This means I’ve gotten a little obsessed with ship classes and names. While Google-ing about for other SciFi spaceship classes I happened upon this blog post. Personally, I found it very helpful, perhaps you will too.

Odd Sea Creatures

Pictures! Ahh… I occasionally like to throw a NatGeo photo post at you. This one is pictures of deep-sea creatures. Pretty cool. I’ll let your imagination decide what to do with these, I’ve got my own ideas.

Essential Characteristics of a Thriller Hero

Heroes in novels and movies haven’t really changed a lot over the centuries since the days of Robin Hood and Maid Marion, but they continue to have universal appeal because through them, readers can vicariously participate in exciting adventures and confront and defeat evil to win the day and restore justice.

Just a nice list of heroic characteristics. I think it works well as a small taste of what Wednesday’s post will be on (yes, I’m still going to post about the Hero archetype have no fear).


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Greetings all!

I apologize for my sudden disappearance last week. I didn’t really disappear, I just suddenly found myself under a landslide of final projects. Forgive me for not planning ahead well enough.

This week will proceed as last week should have. You can expect to see my Hero post this Wednesday. Again, I apologize for going MIA.

— RSSharkey

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The first post I’ve got today is about a few free programs for author to use in building their platforms. Besides that article, I’ve got a three part-er on marketing! Good stuff ‘eh?

5 Free Services That Help You Build Author Platform

If there’s one word that fits perfectly with an author, it’s FREE. Here are five free services that can help build your author platform.

Where do I Start Marketing My Book?

I’ve had several authors ask me about marketing their books recently. May I offer some thoughts?

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Autumnal Slumber

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If you follow my twitter you may have noticed my recent tweets about sewing and chick-flicks. My most recent project at school found me in a group of four tasked with creating a pixelized image on a large scale to be put on a gallery wall. It may be hard to understand what I mean by pixelized and I think that images may speak louder than words at this point. Yet, I shall attempt to explain what it was that we were doing (besides watching chick-flicks).

The title of our class project was Rasterwall. For your general information (if you don’t know it already) rastered images exist in the realm is pixels: the little squares that make up your computer screen and are currently using to read this. Each group (there were four total) had to pick an image and edit it in Photoshop to create a very small image with large pixels. For, you see, the project was to create that digital image out of physical material, using extremely large pixels, and to display it in the hallway.

My group chose to make a quilt. Yes. A quilt. We cut and sewed it together in about a week and a half after class and over the weekends. Just to make it clear, none of us are professional quilters in any sense of the word. We know how to sew and how quilts are made. Put two and two together and we knew what to expect. So we thought. With any project, you run into road-bumps and like any other team, we overcame those (sometimes tripping in the process, but that happens).

Time, material and budget were some major players in our Rasterwall. Time took longer than we though, but we did it in the end. Material was dealt with, could have been dealt with better, but we live and we learn. Budget was something constantly on our minds as we collected the materials we needed and we did well with keeping our costs low.

Some crazy stuff happened. The solidification of floor space through the spilling of mod podge on carpet, Chinese take-out and Perkin’s dinner at 1 am, sappy movies to an extreme, and nights reaching into the light of 5 am. In the beginning, I was very unsure of my group members, but in the end I’m super happy with what we planned and then accomplished.

To tie in the title of my post (now that I’ve rambled on a good bit), the image were created in quilt form was an image of Calvin & Hobbes sleeping in a tree. We titled the piece Autumnal Slumber and if that doesn’t give you an idea about the personality of our group, well, I guess you’ll never know.

Finaly! Here, have some pictures. I’ve heard they help sometimes. I’ll admit, I’m quite ready to snagg that quilt off the wall and curl up with it.


Next week’s Wednesday post: Writer’s Journey – Archetypes: Hero