Autumnal Slumber

If you follow my twitter you may have noticed my recent tweets about sewing and chick-flicks. My most recent project at school found me in a group of four tasked with creating a pixelized image on a large scale to be put on a gallery wall. It may be hard to understand what I mean by pixelized and I think that images may speak louder than words at this point. Yet, I shall attempt to explain what it was that we were doing (besides watching chick-flicks).

The title of our class project was Rasterwall. For your general information (if you don’t know it already) rastered images exist in the realm is pixels: the little squares that make up your computer screen and are currently using to read this. Each group (there were four total) had to pick an image and edit it in Photoshop to create a very small image with large pixels. For, you see, the project was to create that digital image out of physical material, using extremely large pixels, and to display it in the hallway.

My group chose to make a quilt. Yes. A quilt. We cut and sewed it together in about a week and a half after class and over the weekends. Just to make it clear, none of us are professional quilters in any sense of the word. We know how to sew and how quilts are made. Put two and two together and we knew what to expect. So we thought. With any project, you run into road-bumps and like any other team, we overcame those (sometimes tripping in the process, but that happens).

Time, material and budget were some major players in our Rasterwall. Time took longer than we though, but we did it in the end. Material was dealt with, could have been dealt with better, but we live and we learn. Budget was something constantly on our minds as we collected the materials we needed and we did well with keeping our costs low.

Some crazy stuff happened. The solidification of floor space through the spilling of mod podge on carpet, Chinese take-out and Perkin’s dinner at 1 am, sappy movies to an extreme, and nights reaching into the light of 5 am. In the beginning, I was very unsure of my group members, but in the end I’m super happy with what we planned and then accomplished.

To tie in the title of my post (now that I’ve rambled on a good bit), the image were created in quilt form was an image of Calvin & Hobbes sleeping in a tree. We titled the piece Autumnal Slumber and if that doesn’t give you an idea about the personality of our group, well, I guess you’ll never know.

Finaly! Here, have some pictures. I’ve heard they help sometimes. I’ll admit, I’m quite ready to snagg that quilt off the wall and curl up with it.


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~ by R.S.Sharkey on October 12, 2012.

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  1. That… is absolutely amazing. Super cool project, made even cooler by the fact that you used Calvin & Hobbes. :D Fully awesome!

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