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Three things today. Some notes on foreshadowing, a of book presentation ideas and a twin solar system.

Writing Craft: Foreshadowing

Foreshadowing is when you purposely drop tiny hints about what’s going to happen later in the novel, to heighten the effect or the suspense. It might not even be a hint, but an image or idea that thematically relates to whatever’s going to happen later. It’s like subtle shading to plant tiny, even imperceptible, seeds in your reader’s mind.

Got some good notes to keep in mind when considering foreshadowing. Might even make you want to go back and check your foreshadowing… actually it should.

4 Presentation Ideas for Indie Authors

As you know, we think speaking is a nifty way to get your book’s content to the masses. It’s awesome for expanding your reach, building your platform, and it offers a painless opportunity to shamelessly promote your book. You really shouldn’t ignore these opportunities. In fact, you should seek them.

Indie authors should try and do presentations. they really should. Great times and places to promote your book. Here are some tips from WiseInk.

Solar System’s “Grotesque” Twin Found

Astronomers have detected our “grotesque” twin: A planetary system arranged much like our own solar system, a new study says.

Some interesting stuff on planets. Yupyup. Take a quick peek.

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