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Hello! I think I’m back now… I think. Perhaps if I act like everything is normal I’ll pick this up again without a problem. On that thought… Hey! Have some articles. I’ve found some interesting variety. From spaceships to sea-creatures to hero types, I hope you enjoy exploring.

Military Spaceship Classes

Here is a list of the major seaborne naval warship classes verse the spaceborne warships, comparing and contrasting the two. This is not meant to be entirely hard science discuss … nor is it completely soft on science, more in between the two.

For a SciFi book idea I’m working on I’ve recently been really digging into figuring out the military. This means I’ve gotten a little obsessed with ship classes and names. While Google-ing about for other SciFi spaceship classes I happened upon this blog post. Personally, I found it very helpful, perhaps you will too.

Odd Sea Creatures

Pictures! Ahh… I occasionally like to throw a NatGeo photo post at you. This one is pictures of deep-sea creatures. Pretty cool. I’ll let your imagination decide what to do with these, I’ve got my own ideas.

Essential Characteristics of a Thriller Hero

Heroes in novels and movies haven’t really changed a lot over the centuries since the days of Robin Hood and Maid Marion, but they continue to have universal appeal because through them, readers can vicariously participate in exciting adventures and confront and defeat evil to win the day and restore justice.

Just a nice list of heroic characteristics. I think it works well as a small taste of what Wednesday’s post will be on (yes, I’m still going to post about the Hero archetype have no fear).

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