Son of A Star

Part 2 – Message from A Star


As the sun chased her from the sky, Elestra took one last look on her self-appointed charge. She knew he would sleep on until she found him. With the moon at her side, she was convinced of her plan. As their feet touched the ground, Elestra took the form of a young girl. Silver hair flowed down her back and swayed as she brushed her hand over the moon. Instead of taking human form, the Soltion stood beside her shaped as a silver wolf; her fur shinning in the morning light.

“Shall we find your chosen?” she growled pleasantly.

Elestra looked at her surprise, the light they emitted growing faint as the sun took over the day.

“You’ve guessed?” she responded with a grin. The wolf’s mouth drew back in a smile.

“You’re silence of late has spoken volumes.” Elestra dipped her face to hide her burning cheeks behind her hair.

“Do you approve?” she asked, showing her face again. The moon sauntered away, her tail waving in anticipation.

“I do.”

Elestra joined the Soltion and they walked side-by-side across the land. The two took their time; enjoying the spring-time earth and each other’s company. It was nearly noon before the star showed the moon her charge. He lay deep in slumber, his breath smooth and long. Elestra reached out to touch his crimson leg, but the Soltion stopped her.

“You are allowed to guide and protect him and his people, but you cannot speak with or touch him.”

Elestra stared down at the wolf’s fiery coat, her eye shinning. “If it must be, then it will be.”

With a sign the Soltion spoke again. “Tell me what you will and I shall attempt what I may.”

The star smiled at the moon, her face brightening. “Tell him…” she looked down again. The wolf’s chest still rose and fell. “Tell him he has been chosen. Chosen to lead a people and start a nation. That his star shall always guide him and keep him safe. That he is loved by someone…” she grew silent and the moon waited till she was sure Elestra was finished.

“I tell him what I may. Now leave us that I may speak with him alone.” Elestra sighed and walked away, her silver eyes straying back from time to time. The moon waited again, until Elestra was long gone, before waking the red wolf. She nudged him with her nose till he opened his eyes. They blinked lazily before he recognized what had awoken him. With a start he tried to run, but the voice of the moon stopped him. His eyes wide, the wolf turned to face her. It was then that he noticed how her coat shone and created a light of its own.

“Who are you?” he froze when the words came from his own lips. Something was wrong. The silver wolf gave him a wolf’s smile.

“I am a messenger.”

He longed to ask if she had spoken to him last night, but was too scared to speak again.

“I am not she. But I was sent by your star.”

His eyes widened.

“Attensie has forbidden her from speaking with you, but I was sent in her stead.” The moon bowed her head slightly. “She has much she desires to tell you, but the future cannot be revealed to those still living. This is what I am allowed to repeat; ‘you have been chosen, Tiirak. Many paths lay before you, but the star above shall be your guide and your protector. You are indeed loved Tiirak.’”

Emotions flashed across Tiirak’s face at his name.

“You are no longer who you were.” The moon comforted, her silver eyes glinting and glowing. “Attensie has chosen to make you new. To make you more than you ever were or could have been.”

She turned to leave.

“Wait!” Tiirak fumbled over the thought of words. The moon looked back. “Why can I speak? What am I to do? How-“

“Attensie has chosen to bless you. Trust that it is for a future purpose and do not abuse it. Your star will guide you. She may yet be allowed to speak from above. Trust in Attensie and Elestra. They will save you.”

“Will I ever see you again?” the red wolf spat out. The Soltion grinned.

“We may yet meet again, Son of Elestra. When time is pressing and words are needed. Care to you leg.”

Tiirak looked at his leg and found it no longer covered in blood and made new. He turned back to the silver wolf, but she was gone.

We may yet meet again, Son of Elestra...

~ by R.S.Sharkey on April 21, 2011.

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