Son of A Star

Elestra was a star...

Part 1 – Chosen from Above


In the time when Elestra was a star and she walked at day with the moon, her gaze fell to the earth. As her shining eyes passed over the land, she sought for a creature she could call her own; one that she could guide and assist and so brighten her night even more. Elestra passed over many strange, beautiful and even horrifying beings. But none caught her eye.

The star took her time and spent many months waiting to find the perfect one. She ignored the strong; they did not need her. Passed over the vain; they would not care. Pitied the angry; they would never accept her. Left behind the joyful; they had nothing for her to give. Then, among the broken she searched for, Elestra found the one she sought.

He wandered through the night; lost and hurt. The way he jerked as he walked was explained by his limp and blood cover hind leg. It told a sad tale, for the marks were fresh and from his own species. The trees above swayed softly in the moonlight. The bright red wolf paused and lifted his head to the sky. If not for the need to be silent, he would have howled his woes to the moon. Maybe she would listen.

With his ears alert for the sounds of pursuit, he continued his slow, sudden movements through the trees. An owl called through the dark and a strong draft blew through the boughs. He had no time to pause, but had no place to go. He kept moving, the light from the moon and star guiding him.

Elestra listened as the wolf ran memories through his head. As his painful past washed over her, she smiled. Yes, this was the one. She used her light that night to guide a broken creature to hope. A hope that would bring forth a nation. She began whispering down to him, speaking her words into his mind…

Tiirak. The wolf’s head swung up. He paused and checked the perimeter of his location, searching for the voice. Nothing. Sleep. He looked around again. Still nothing. Confused and tired, he pressed on, but the voice continued inside his head. Soothing and comforting. It urged him sleep and renew his strength. But the wolf resisted, the terror in his heart still clear.

The voice and his mind warred until the dawn was close at hand. With an inner sigh, he hid among the ferns and fell asleep.

~ by R.S.Sharkey on March 15, 2011.

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