Through Aneri’s Eyes

Creating the Scàduin – Part 3

The other day I asked Aneri if he would describe himself for me. This is his first person view of himself…

Like any Scaduin. I have two tones of skin, clearly separated along clean lines. The lighter tone is a pale cream and doesn’t tan like human skin. The darker tone is a rich chocolate that also does not change. Most of my body is the darker tone, the only parts that are the lighter tone are; my face (one section around my eyes and mouth), the underside of my arms, my lower abdomen, and the insides of my legs. My feet are each a solid hoof (like a horse’s) and black in color. The rest of my body is quite human, except for my ears and nose. My ears are half human and half antelope. My nose is black and like a cat’s, but the same length as a human’s. My eyes are deep brown and I have no hair.


by Molly's Handmade Napkins

"The color varies, but I like blue the best."

I then asked Aneri what kind of clothes he wore. This is his first person answer…

I wear what you might call a skirt. It’s knee-length with room to stretch my legs when I run. The color of it varies, but I like blue the best. This “skirt” is held up by a thick, rope belt. These are colorful and hand braided. My mother usually makes these for me, but when I finally marry my wife will make them. I only wear a shirt when it’s cold out or a bad storm brews. When I do wear a shirt it’s a simple, rectangle piece of cloth with a hole in the middle that I put my head through. There are ties on the corners to keep it from flying off of me. For occasions, I have a tunic which is knee-length and sleeve-less. Its bright colored and depending on the occasion I sometimes paint matching colors on my skin. I wear one silver wristband and a matching armband.


I’m currently interviewing Aneri using my 90CDQ and will post a whole list of answers as soon as we are done.

~ by R.S.Sharkey on March 20, 2011.

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