Internet Usage and Motivation

Of the 7 billion people on earth, 2.4 billion use the internet meaning almost 35% of the worlds’ population uses the internet. [1] Elroy Jopling, research director at Gartner, said in an article in 2008: “The Internet has become a utility for most consumers, who use it for communicating, gathering information and performing financial transactions. However, a new ‘trickle down’ phenomenon, where teenagers lead the evolution of consumer Internet applications, heralds a new era where Internet applications will mimic life — communicating, entertaining, socializing, informing, transactional, either in a fixed location or on the move.” [2]

Number of internet users in the world. Figure from World Internet Stats.

Number of internet users by continent (and world total). Figure from Google Public Data.

Number of internet users by continent. Figure from Google Public Data.

Top 6 reasons people used the internet in 2008 [3]:

1. Use e-mail
2. Gather information
3. Online banking
4. Sharing photos, videos, and files
5. Geographic navigation services
6. Shopping online

15 Most Popular Uses of Web as of 2011 [4]:

1. Web surfing
2. Email and chatting
3. Social Networking
4. Videos
5. Online Business
6. Job Sites
7. News and Information
8. Classified Ads
9. Blogs
11. Online payments
12. Online Banking
13. File sharing
14. Online games
15. Online Dating

(for another list of popular internet uses, along with the percent of users who perform such activities, see this page)

Figure of reasons for using the internet listed by age

Reasons for using the internet according to age group. Figure from Ofcom.

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