Bookmark Monday!

Just one of my links it a bit different from normal today, the other is pretty normal. Oh! And as this is my tenth Bookmark Monday, I’m throwing in two articles covering a checklist for self-publishing!

Pictures: Volcano Lighting, Illuminated

A pictures article! From NatGeo (National Geographics). I’ve never heard of volcano lighting until I saw this series of pictures, pretty cool looking and a bit inspiring. Take a look!

Joss Whedon’s Top 10 Writing Rules

Joss Whedon, known by his fans for creating the TV series Firefly and more recently writing The Avengers script, gives his top ten rules for writing.

An Indie Author’s Best Kept Secret: The Ultimate Pre-Publishing Checklist

 Not quite ready to publish? Still tying up your loose ends? Here’s a checklist to make sure you’ve thought of everything prior to jumping into publishing

An Indie Author’s Best Kept Secret Part 2: The Ultimate Book Publishing Checklist

 You’ve checked everything off of your pre-publishing checklist and now it’s time to start building your books. Here’s the next installment in your checklist.

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