This year is going to be cupcakes!

Classes start today!

I’ve returned to school for the year and the days leading up to this transition were filled with apprehension, glee and confusion. It was amid the eve of school that I was up late one night chatting with a good friend of mine (BushMaid). I was babbling the reasoning for my apprehension to her (to which to listened with great patience), getting totally lost in my fear and worry towards the coming months. Busheh was quite firm in making me promise not to let my fears get the best of me and, in my natural quirkiness, I replied, as the title of this post says, that:

 This year will be cupcakes!

Now, my reply was made with some haste (I did give thought to my words before hitting enter). Needless to say, at that point the year seemed far from being cupcakes… whatever in the world I meant by that! Now that I’ve been able to give my response some pondering, I’ve come to realize what I (subconsciously) meant by cupcakes.

Cakes (birthday, wedding or cheese) are known to be delicious, decedent, treats. They happen all at once, with left overs occasionally happening, but they come only on occasion, once a year or even once in a lifetime (depending on the type of cake). They tend to be reserved for a single special event and must be cut to pieces in order to be shared. Cupcakes, on the other hand, are small, delightfully pleasing bits of tastiness. They come in smaller packages, need no special reason to be made, and come prepackaged to be individually gifted!

This year, instead of having one wonderfully beautiful event happen and having to divide it up between the rest of the year, I want to have a marvelous collection of smaller events that, though they may be tiny in comparison, will be pleasing spread out. Huge events are awesome! And I am willing to welcome them as they come, but cupcakes come more often and are just as pleasing (without having to stuff yourself).

I can imagine that this post will give a author friend of mine a few more reasons to spread her digital cupcakes across the internet. There is no wrong time or place for cupcakes, they’re cute little things!

~ by R.S.Sharkey on August 29, 2012.

4 Responses to “This year is going to be cupcakes!”

  1. That’s a neat analogy. :D *loves analogies* I think that’s awesome, I have found that trying to live cake to cake (whatever that may mean) while largely ignoring the rest of my life can result in memories of that past month being…bare. It’s much better to try and enjoy the littler things in life as well so that you aren’t missing anything!

    And yes, Aubrey’s cupcakes are going to taste so much better now… ^_^

  2. *beams*

    This is a delightful rule by which to approach life. And, as someone who lives on this principle, I can assure you that it works most wonderfully. :D Enjoy the little things and keep movin’… If you look, there’s always a little blessing to smile about!

    Oh yes… and have a cupcake. ;)

  3. *noms cupcake* :dieshappy:

  4. *grins* I’m glad mah Villeh is living by her awesome comment. :D You can see why I’m always obsessing over mon Philly’s cupcakes. ;) I want my year to be cupcakes alongside yours, Villie. :D

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