A designer living in LNK Nebraksa.
I am an artist and a writer.

Technology is a huge part of my life. I grew up surrounded by siblings who turned in programmers, 3D animators, and digital photographers. They were the cause of computers in my house which became the bearer of my future with the purchase and installation of Adobe Photoshop. In the days of dial-up internet, my life with the computed and online was born and has since flourished. My free-time activities have become my daily routine in the best way possible.

Books are also a huge part of my life. I grew up practically living in a library that had been created by my mom over the course of many years. Reading fueled my imagination and pushed my creativity to the point of attempting my own form of creation. I used both the ink pen and the Wacom pen as tools to bring my wild ideas to life in the visual and verbal realms. This pass-time only pushed my artist passion and created connections that allowed me to grow even further.

A technology literate, visually minded, fiction author and graphic designer is who I am.

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Shoot me an email at rebecca.s.sharkey@gmail.com or use the form below to drop me a note.

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