I’ve finished!

Thirty days later and I’ve managed to make a badge for the past three winners of The International as well as all the heroes played in the deciding match each year. Today marks the first day of the 2014 International Main Event (watch it here!) and the final post in the #30DaysofDotA2 series (sans badge). I hope you enjoyed seeing what I came up with, I know I did. In looking back over the last 30 days, I wanted to take a moment to touch on my original goals for this project and see what I’ve accomplished (besides just making 30 badges).

A large part of this whole project was to work more in Adobe Illustrator. Of the Adobe design trinity, it’s my least worked in program so I wanted to spend more time with it and get comfortable working in a vector environment. With that as my primary goal I’ve accomplished a bit more than I thought might. I’ve learned a few new tricks, gotten better at working with anchor points and bezier curves, and toyed with more features than originally planned. I’ve gotten so used to working in Illustrator in fact that it feels odd when I step back into Photoshop or InDesign (the horror!). Realizing that, perhaps my next design challenge will include working in all three programs.

Other goals for my project included making a personal design challenge that would keep working even after graduation, testing out the waters known as #badgehunting, making something that reflected a personal interest of mine, and, of course, getting psyched for #TI4!

Challenging myself was definitely worth it. I’ve kept myself from going stagnant and becoming unpracticed. I’ve made sure my creative juices keep flowing and also taught myself a few things about how I work, what I can expect from myself, and things I can improve on. Having to make a badge a day was sometimes quite hard and I had to force a design. Some of my designs didn’t turn out too well, but because of how I scheduled things (and the premise of the project), I couldn’t go back and make them better. Perhaps I will someday, but for now this project will remain a collection of what I can accomplished when pushed every day to make a simple design.

As far as testing out #badgehunting, I didn’t really do any hunting. You could say I was playing the role of the hunted since I was making badges and looking back, a few of the poorer designs would have benefited from me hunting down badges.

#30DaysofDotA2 is totally a reflection of something I enjoy. Since I play the game on and off as well, I found myself a bit more attracted to some heroes’ designs over others and it really added to the challenge. I’ve learned more about the game through hero and team research and doing this all while the playoffs were going on made me all the more excited to share my work.

In closing, #30DaysofDotA2 was a great learning experience for me. I gained factual, technical, personal and fan knowledge that will both impact and aid me in the future. Thanks for tagging along with the ride with me. If you really liked a specific design, I’d love to know! Drop me a line on either Tumblr or my Website.

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